Phenomenon of Religious Revival in the Context of the Experience of Modernization of the Muslim Community in the Late XIX - Early XX Centuries

  •  Rinat A. Nabiyev    
  •  Anvar A. Gafarov    


The urgency of the problem under investigation is due to modern processes of religious revival, actively manifested primarily in the Muslim environment, in violent politicization of Islam, the growing influence of radical movements. The article aims to study the experience of the modernization of the Muslim community in Russia (late XIX - early XX centuries), opportunities and prospects for its reception at the present time. The civilizational approach is the leading one to the study of this problem, which allows us to consider the Muslim community in Russia as an integral part of Islamic civilization, positive changes in its socio-cultural way of life - in the context of Islamic modernization processes. Based on the study of the works of Muslim modernists, the authors concluded that in the late XIX - early XX centuries they substantiated the principles of tolerance and rationalism in addressing religious issues, which have become the basis of modernization of the entire way of life of the Muslim community in Russia and an alternative to fundamentalist revival. The article may be useful in the development of training courses on the history of Islam, the Muslim peoples, the history of the Tatar people, as well as the history of culture and social thought of the peoples of Russia as a whole.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.