Central Asia Security Problems in the Context of Coalition Troops Withdrawal from Afghanistan

  •  Albert V. Beloglazov    


The importance of the problem under study is suggested by the geopolitical significance of Central Asia, increased threat to its security on behalf of radical Islamism, as well as ended coalition troops withdrawal from Afghanistan by the beginning of 2015. The article is intended to analyze the link between the withdrawals of International Security Assistance Force from Afghanistan and the modern security challenges of Central Asia, also to determine counteraction to these threats. The main approach to the study of the problem is geopolitical analysis of the region and threats to its security. During the study there were pointed out such factors as the penetration of Islamic extremists into the region from Afghanistan, maintenance of US military bases, as well as the feasibility of emergence of destructive political developments, like “Arab spring”. The particular emphasis is given to the role of Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Collective Security Treaty Organization in providing regional security and preventing destructive scenario. The materials of the article might be useful in conducting scientific research on the issues of Central Asia, providing lectures and seminars in training, also working out mechanisms of counteraction to the treats of regional security.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.