Process of Economic Terms Internationalization (By Materials of the German, Russian and Tatar Languages)

  •  Alfiya N. Zaripova    
  •  Anna D. Fominykh    


The paper presents the characteristics of internationalisms in the economic terminology of German, Russian and Tatar languages. The emergence of borrowings in economic terminology is stimulated by the process of globalization, and is the result of cooperation between the countries. Successful achievements in this field are the property of many countries. Borrowings in the economic sphere are international, possible to be allocated into comparable and non-comparable areas. The emergence of non-comparable area in the studied languages is due to cultural and historical conditions of their functioning. In the process of using international vocabulary the issues of semantic inaccuracy and irrational use of words may arise. All borrowed lexemes are subject to formal and functional assimilation in languages. Materials research can be used in the teaching of German, Russian and Tatar languages, as well as in the teaching of subjects such as Terminology, comparative linguistics and lexicology.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.