The Teachers’ Preparation for the Work with Deviancy-Prone Students

  •  Olesya V. Babenko    


The problem investigated sounds acute as long as any teacher can meet a necessity to work with different categories of students including young men and ladies who are at war with rules and regulations, and do not want to put up with typical social behaviour. The article aims at defining deviant behaviour as a studying discipline violation, which can become a harsh obstacle for the teacher’s attempts to construct a usual architecture of a lesson. It also reveals a set of psychological-and-pedagogical conditions which are seen as capable of overcoming students’ deviant behaviour. The experiment underlining the effectiveness level of the complex (set) suggested has become a mainstream investigation method of this problem and heads for a constructive work with risk-prone students (prone to deviant behaviour). Following a step-by-step prevention of students’ deviant behaviour, implementing preventive pedagogics and deviantology into courses of further promotion for teachers, constructing theatre studios for risk-prone students – all this can set up a healthy atmosphere in a students’ group and become a strong basis of preventive knowledge for the teacher. The article materials can be useful while organizing the teacher’s psychological-and-pedagogical work (especially for beginning teachers) with a collective of risk-prone, deviant-behaving students – the students who tend to ruin the studying discipline systematically.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.