Methodology for the Study of Political Historical Geography of Russia in the System of Higher Education

  •  Alexey M. Stolyarov    


The importance of the issue under study is determined by the need to improve methods of teaching historical geography to university students. Therefore, the achievements of foreign historical geography have been taken into consideration. The objective of the article is to give a comprehensive characteristic of the methods of Historical Geography teaching to university students. The main approach in the study of this issue is a problem-thematic one. The major results of the study are reflected in the systematization of the methods of teaching Political Historical Geography of Russia. The article highlights the basic elements of the methodology for the study of Political Historical Geography. The subject of Political Historical Geography of Russia has been divided into several stages. There has been introduced an algorithm of work with historical political maps. The material of the article may be useful for teaching Political Geography, Historical Geography, Political Science, and History of Russia.

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