Products Produced from Organic Waste Using Managed Ecosystem Fermentation

  •  Edward Calt    


Biomass is the only renewable source of organic chemicals available. The Managed Ecosystem Fermentation process biologically converts organic waste into high value industrial chemicals over night. MEF modifies and regulates a process that has worked in nature for millions of years to extract valuable basic chemicals that are used in industry today, thereby converting the handling of waste from an expense to a source of revenue. MEF is the only known process that can convert cellulose into protein. Unlike most processes that produce a single product, the MEF produces a portfolio of products. MEF produces a portfolio of products ranging from enzymes, proteins and multiple long and short chain fatty acids. The MEF process is based on the microbial ecosystem in a ruminant animal. It is a multispecies process involving over 3,000 species of microbes simultaneously. It works because a multispecies system has more chemical pathways to breakdown the organic matter than a single species.


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