Influence of Urban Environmental Greening on Climate Change Challenges in Nigeria

  •  Dipeolu Ayodele    


It has now become a reality that the climate of the earth is changing, especially due to human activities and these changes has been predicted by many studies to have adverse impacts on both the natural and the built environments. While developed worlds are fast developing strategies from decades to combat theses challenges, developing countries like Nigeria and other African nations are not equally proactive. Thus, developing countries will be disproportionally affected by the adverse impacts of climate change more than the developed world due to a combination of so many factors attributed to inadequate preparation and an already fragile environment. This paper examines the concept of climate change and its attendant problems. It assesses the influence of urban environmental greening on climate change challenges in Nigeria situation and investigates into the challenges which climate change poses to the achievement of sustainable city development in Nigeria. The paper identifies the need to widen the campaign for urban environmental greening by the government, professionals and other stakeholders in order to cope with these challenges.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.