Analysis of Influencing Factors on Regional Carbon Emission Intensity in China-Based on Empirical Research with Provincial Panel Data

  •  Shih- Tsai    


This thesis analyzes the influencing factors of carbon emission intensity based on the five types of panel data in 31 provinces (cities and autonomous regions) throughout China collected in China’s “12th Five-Year Plan”, and has conclusions as follows: the carbon intensity in various regions is mainly influenced by energy intensity, economic growth, proportion of the secondary industry, and fiscal expenditure. The carbon intensity basically maintains positive correlation with energy intensity and economic growth, while the correlation between carbon intensity and industrial structure, and that between carbon intensity and fiscal expenditure varies from each other. There are different industrial structures and corresponding changing laws in various provinces and cities. The favorable influences on carbon intensity by fiscal expenditure are not remarkable, and yet the relationship between proportion of fiscal expenditure and carbon intensity still shows positive correlation in most of the provinces. In the long run, the major way of realizing energy saving and emission reduction for various provinces still lies in adjustment and optimization of both industrial structure and energy consumption structure.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.