Study on the Application of the Double-membrane Technology in Dealing with Circulating Cooling Blow-off Water to Prepare the Boiler Feedwater

  •  Lei Qu    
  •  Liang Wang    
  •  Lin Shao    
  •  Peng Qi    


In the article, combining with the engineering practice, we study that the membrane technology (microfiltration (MF) + reverse osmosis (RO)) is applied to pre-demineralization of the circulating cooling wastewater back to boiler feedwater by the heat power plant. The operation parameters of the reusing system were obtained through the actual test and the experimental results show that the technology which uses MF as pretreatment process of RO can meet the requirement of the RO inlet water quality with above 98% of the demineralization rate of the RO system, which has achieved good economic and social benefits.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.