Quantitative Estimation of Annual Runoff Variation from the Hotan River, China

  •  Lingmei Huang    
  •  Lina Wu    
  •  Bing Shen    


Starting from the existing analysis of runoff from the Hotan River, the varying cause of runoff in the Hotan River is analyzed using the annual runoff accumulated curves and the orderly cluster method, pointing out that the runoff from the Hotan River coming from the mountains falls into the natural runoff with the fluctuations because of being subject to climate changes. It is worth noticing that the Xiaota annual runoff flowing into Tarim River was reduced by 0.322 billion m3 in comparison of the postior 1989 series with the prior 1989 series and under the join action by both human being activities and climate changes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.