Operational Characteristics of Diesel Engine Run by Ester of Sunflower Oil and Compare with Diesel Fuel Operation

  •  Murugu Kandasamy    
  •  Mohanraj Thangavelu    
  •  Rajamohan Ganesan    


A single cylinder direct injection diesel engine was first run with diesel fuel and then with Ester of sunflower oil. The operational characteristics of the engine run with both the fuel have been compared and the results obtained are shown in this paper. From the results obtained, it is understood that the thermal efficiency is slightly less and the specific fuel consumption is slightly higher with Ester of sunflower oil when compared with Diesel. This is due to the lower calorific value of the Ester of sunflower oil. All other parameters are also clearly discussed in this paper and finally it is concluded that the Ester of sunflower oil can be used as alternative fuel in the Diesel engine without any engine modifications.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.