Current Status of Environmental Protection Measures in China

  •  Chao Liu    
  •  Shenggao Cheng    
  •  Kefeng Zeng    


Human activities affect the environment more or less negatively due to thriving engineering constructions such as resources exploitation, municipal projects and so on. It is encouraging that, by applying some environmental protection measures to decrease pollution in cities and prevent disturbance from geo-environment due to constructions, have made big progress for the present. However, it is far from our utmost expect of environment protection. The inherent complexity and varied nature of geo-environment challenge policy makers how to assess the active effectiveness of environmental protection in scientific approaches., This paper, starting from antecedents achievements in China, outlined the present situation of environment protection in China, and featured the types and purposes of 21st century environmental sures in terms of their natures and functions, thereby comprehensively proposed research respective. Research conclusions were included: 1) the awareness to environmental protection measures is increasing and it present higher growth rate in 2006 and 2007 in terms of analyzing publications focused on environment protection; 2) "passive" environmental protection measures account for most of human activities, while less attentions were paid to the precaution for the source; 3) Awareness to the economic applicability and efficiency of environmental protection measures

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.