Personnel Characteristics of Maintenance Practice: A Case of High-Rise Office Buildings in Malaysia

  •  Emma Zawawi    
  •  Syahrul Kamaruzzaman    


An excellent practice of maintenance management is greatly needed to increase the life cycle of the property and to minimize unexpected breakdowns or deterioration effects. In this respect, the modern maintenance manager will have to rely as much on knowledge of the managerial and social sciences as on the traditional technique knowledge base of building construction and deterioration. Improper conduct and application of maintenance management procedure and systems may result in deteriorating the property itself. Therefore, the performance of the maintenance management operations have to be continuously reviewed and analysed in order to ascertain a high quality service. This study aims to present the personnel characteristics in the current practice of building maintenance management in Malaysia. Questionnaires are distributed to all maintenance personnel on selected buildings. These data are then analysed consequently to produce the in depth understanding of personnel characteristics in current building maintenance practice in Malaysia. This study believe to be valuable in identifying where the practice needed further attention and helped pin point problems areas within building maintenance management.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.