Malaysian Agricultural: Conventional and Extended Thoughts

  •  Pek Chuen-Khee    


The survival of the agricultural industry from the 1997 financial crisis attack ticks off the importance of this once ‘sun-set’ industry and the re-emphasis of its role as a growth catalyst to Malaysia. Agriculture, unlike the past, is no longer solely a food-based contributor but plays important non-food roles, which are multifunctional; economic, social, cultural and food security. This multifunctionality role of agriculture warrants sustainable development in the longer run. The current scenario of the Malaysian agricultural, specifically sustainable oil palm planting is deliberated against the negative claims of the world environmentalist. Extended thoughts on the possible ways of sustaining economic development through the idea of ‘back to where you belong’, equity and the possible changes of comparative advantage when ecology is considered, and efficiency and equity of ecosystem conservation are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.