Geo-information Science for Sustainable Development of Mount Stong F.R., Kelantan, Malaysia

  •  Kamaruzaman Jusoff    
  •  A.K Skidmore    


The state of Kelantan covers an area of 1.5 million hectares of which about 894,271 hectares or 60% is under forest cover.  It is still very much endowed with a rich and diverse biodiversity, such as in the dipterocarp forests of the reserves, in the National Park, limestone hills of Gua Musang, mountain forests of the Main Range, and Virgin Jungle Reserves.  It is fortunate in that it has vast areas of lowlands, high rolling mountains and hills, with a rich and unique biodiversity associated with those ecosystems. A scientific expedition to the Mount Stong Tengah Forest Reserve in 2003 discovered that the area has a unique and diverse ecosystem, rich in bio-diversity and many endemic species. These findings prompted the State of Kelantan to gazette the entire central Mt. Stong Permanent Forest Reserve, one of its prime production forests, totaling 21,950 hectares, into a state forest park. Consequently, the State Forestry Department of Kelantan planned to turn these mountain forest resources into the best managed and successful state forest park and to achieve this, an integrated and multi functional approach has to be adopted. Initially, a thorough study of the mountain forest park resources involving Universiti Putra Malaysia-Aeroscan Precision (M) Sdn Bhd’s airborne hyperspectral imaging technology system has been undertaken. Preliminary results indicated that airborne hyperspectral sensing can easily identify individual timber species, estimate their timber volume, locate and map cultural, historical, mountain peaks, caves, waterfalls, picnic and camping sites potential and suitable for forest eco-tourism and recreational activities in Mt. Stong to be developed as a state forest park. Once completed, a 100 Year Management Plan will be formulated to assist the state government to undertake the best strategies towards implementing programs such  as forest eco-tourism, publicity, local or international events, research facilities, and infrastructure,  appropriate for a best managed and successful mountain state forest park.

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