Perceptions Held by Finnish Energy Sector Experts Regarding Public Attitudes to Energy Issues

  •  Noora Valkila    
  •  Arto Saari    


The aim of this study was to examine Finnish attitudes to energy issues by means of a qualitative interview survey of selected energy sector experts. Based on the analysis of the results, conclusions were made about aspects of the perceived public attitudes to energy issues. Also how these may be activated and manipulated. Citizens with neutral energy attitudes constitute the most critical group, according to the interviewees. They also felt that Government action is the most effective means for influencing attitudes, and that these means should be deployed urgently. Other means include peer groups, information provision, the media, upbringing/education and imagery/visions. The study offers a new approach to understanding public attitudes to energy issues and the impact of these attitudes by documenting the views of a selection of the country’s energy sector experts as individuals.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.