Significance of Biotechnology Clusters in Terms of Sustainable Development and Clustering Proposal for Antalya Province, Turkey

  •  Aise Karadayi    
  •  Bekir Oguzturk    


As global economy progress and world population increases, the effects of rapid industrialization and polluting activities of population is seen as depletion of natural resources and pollution of ecosystems. Thus, countries have come to a conclusion to implement sustainable development principles in their economic activities. Several international treaties have been signed and Turkey is a signatory of most of these treaties. In the study the necessity of the development of biotechnology sector is emphasized in order to achieve sustainable development objectives that have been recently recognized in Turkey. Antalya is chosen as the case because it is a developing city, with high immigration rate, rapid industrialization and mass tourism activities (approx. 11 million incoming tourists annually) which increases rapid consumption of natural resources in addition to increased environmental damage. Biotechnology industry offers cleaner solutions and applications for consumer demands. In the study, the potential and the necessity of forming a biotechnology cluster in Antalya is discussed. A SWOT analysis is included and the research is made through sectoral visits, conference calls and workshops as part of the field researches of West Mediterranean Development Agency.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.