Sustainable Urbanization: Issues and Challenges for Effective Urban Governance in Nigeria

  •  Adesoji JIBOYE    


The pervasiveness and spontaneity of the global Urbanization process has been an issue of concern in recent time; as this essentially constitutes serious challenge to the attainment of sustainable development and effective urban governance. The implications of this developmental challenge in many developing nations, including Nigeria; are diverse socio-economic, cultural and environmental problems. Addressing these urban developmental challenges in Nigeria requires effective and good governance. The main concern of this paper therefore is to examine this developmental issue in order to provide a rationale for good governance in the management and utilization of existing resources for sustainable urban growth in Nigeria. The paper addresses four main areas: the first considers basic issues relating to sustainable development and governance; the second discusses the challenge of urbanization in Nigeria; while the third underscores the need for effective governance in sustainable urbanization. The paper conceives three major policy areas which are relevant to ensuring good governance in Nigeria. In concluding, the paper notes that appropriate policies and strategies critical to the attainment of sustainable development must be put in place in order to preserve our cities and also secure the future well-being of it citizens.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.