Outsourcing for Sustainable Waste Disposal in Lagos Metropolis: Case Study of Agege Local Government, Lagos

  •  Olalekan Idowu    
  •  M. M. Omirin    
  •  J. Osagie    


The challenge posed by the population growth of Lagos emanates from the need to effectively manage the several tons of solid waste that are generated daily. The state Government has contracted the solid waste collection and disposal to the private sector operators with the hope that a clean Lagos can be sustained at no extra cost implication to the government. This study was undertaken to appraise the performance of the private sector participation (PSP) in the state using Agege Local Government as the case study. The study which is exploratory employed the use of questionnaires to elicit information from two sets of respondents, the residents and the private sector operators. Based on the findings, the scorecard as rated by the households gives the PSP operators a pass mark showing a wide acceptance of their service. Also, there is a need for the re-organisation of their accounting system with a view to ensuring proper accountability of all money paid as PSP dues. The PSP too deserve some assistance towards the improvement of the welfare of their workers to enhance staff commitment. Government should facilitate payment of participant fees. Commensurate punishment should be imposed on defaulters per default period and based on the amount. Finally, the Government should open up more and not too distant refuse dumps and landfills as well as increase the fees payable to the operators.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.