Fostering Technological Entrepreneurship for Socioeconomic Development: A Case for Technology Incubation in Bayelsa State, Nigeria

  •  Gordon Bubou    
  •  Festa Okrigwe    


There is an observed dearth of technological entrepreneurship across Africa, worse still, the Niger Delta region (NDR) of Nigeria. Entrepreneurship generally and technological entrepreneurship in particular are now considered as the engine for economic development. Technology-business incubators (TBI) are seen as a means of tackling developmental challenges. Most developed and emerging economies and developing countries have adopted TBI to fast-track the creation of new technology-based enterprises because of its more than 80% success rate of new venture creation, and have consequently benefited from its multiplier effects such as technology/knowledge transfer, employment generation and wealth creation. In the light of lack of data on incubation activities in Africa, more so for Nigeria, the paper highlights the contributions of TBIs to regional development. This to draw attention of stakeholders in the Yenagoa Technology Incubation Centre which will contribute to the socioeconomic and technological development of the State and NDR, by promoting technological entrepreneurship, eradicating poverty, enhancing Nigeria’s technological capability, thereby ultimately reducing her reliance on petroleum resources.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.