The Second Fuzzy Layer Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Urban Low-Carbon Developmental Level and Its Empirical Research

  •  Peilin Liu    
  •  Xiuying Shen    


Cities are main places that human activities get together and subjects that greenhouse gases emit. When striving to develop low-carbon economy, each country has attached importance to the construction of low-carbon city; therefore, the city should have its own evaluation index system of low-carbon development level in order to measure its low-carbon developmental level and thus find and solve problems. The article put forward the evaluation index system of urban low-carbon developmental level and the second fuzzy layer comprehensive evaluation model. One medium-sized city in midland was taken for example to carry out empirical research. On the one hand, results of the research show that the model has good universality; on the other hand, they also show that Chinese urban low-carbon developmental level is still very low and it needs to make great effects to prompt urban low-carbon development.

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