Impact of Property Assets’ Management Styles on Effective Service Delivery in South-Western Nigerian Hotels

  •  Olufemi Durodola    
  •  Cyril Ajayi    
  •  Samuel Oloyede    


A survey was conducted on probabilistically determined 57 hotels of various ‘stars’ in South-Western geo-political zone of Nigeria with specific objective of assessing the impact of hotel assets management styles on service delivery effectiveness. Data were collected on hotel organizations through their general managers, staff, and customers in addition to physical assessment of hotel structures and system operations. Stratified sampling technique was used in selecting the samples while Kothari’s formula was used to determine the sample size. Data analysis was executed using descriptive statistics, Spearman Correlation analysis and relative importance index. The findings showed that all the hotels that are using facilities management as assets’ management tool as against maintenance management or property management are more effective in their service delivery. It was recommended that the time is ripe for facilities management principles’ propagation and adoption among hotel operators as an instrument for sustainable hotel development in Nigeria.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.