Improvement of Environment Security and Decrease of Crimes with the Confirmation of CPTED (with the Emphasis on Iran’s Condition)

  •  Seyed Hashemi    
  •  Hadi Mahmoudinejad    
  •  Omid Ahadian    


Nowadays attention to the understanding of citizen's security and the improvement of them is one of the most important issues for the professional and theatrical issue for the citizens. Apart from the effect of social and cultural, the result of programming and secure environment of the city and the pattern of the behavior of the citizens and the Improvement and quality of environmental surrounding, the acceptance feature and the effect of the city framework is due to the decrease of city people or the decrease of crimes, is an important and difficult issue is focused on city planning theory. In this research after mentioning the abstract for motivation and the vital opinion in the security public, the role of city framework (programming the environmental design) in the decrease and prediction of crimes in the city in the function of CPTED.

The meaning, principle, paradigms and the strategy function is mentioned. This issue is important in this way that today in the process of open space design in the city and potential of city buildings in decreasing or preventing crimes. The recent function can be designed in a suitable and proper way in a residential location in decreasing crimes; the aim is to improve the quality of life and increase of citizen's support.

The recent survey is analyzed by documents and evidence. The use of this project is utilized to make a better residential location for the citizens. The result of this recent survey is analyzed by evidence and the experience of utilize and it can be attested that the city design from the average crime and crimes have been decrease, the use of this project is mentioned.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.