Sustainable Business: Practices, Trends, Benefits, Challenges, and Innovative Strategies

  •  Mussie T. Tessema    
  •  Huh Jung Hahn    
  •  Scott Buck    
  •  Maddie Burke    
  •  Thomas Coppola    
  •  Katie Kasprzak    
  •  Whitni Kral    
  •  Gust Petropoulos    


Sustainability has emerged as a crucial aspect in today’s business world. This study explores sustainable business practices (SBPs) in the U.S., highlighting the concept, trends, benefits, and challenges, with a focus on the construction and food industries. It argues that despite the costs and hurdles, the benefits of SBPs often outweigh these challenges. The study emphasizes the need for a strategic approach to sustainability that perceives SBPs beyond just enhancing reputation, complying with regulations, or as short-term operational improvements. It also discusses the implications of these practices and suggests directions for future research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.