Education, Lifestyle, and Environmental Crisis: A Single Destiny

  •  Maria Evelinda Santiago-Jimenez    


Education, as a system, traditionally assumes that knowledge distributed in a classroom is harmless and neutral and does not carry an indoctrination of certain political charges for citizens as students. Educational institutions are instruments used to transform society. However, it is harmless to the economic interests of those with control and power, which impose labels and goals to be achieved. The educational process is shaped by the mantra of competitiveness and non-contextualized innovations within parameters of uncertainty, complexity, and socio-environmental risk. This essay proposes that when politics has signs of social, economic, and ecological exclusion, the School can become a space that catalyzes lifestyles that dignify society and ecosystems. It is concluded that the Schools, especially the public ones, must review in depth its social contract and stop teaching how to learn to live in an unfair world. Finally, the author used a reflexive method and a bibliography review in this essay.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.