Sustainability Assessment of Productive Palm Tree Plantation in Urban Landscapes: A Dubai Case Study

  •  Maryam Shourideh    
  •  Peiman Kianmehr    


Dubai has imported elegant plants and trees to maintain a green and attractive outdoor atmosphere. However, a substantial proportion of the imported plants are not suitable for the arid climate of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and require intensive irrigation. This poses the potential of replacing all the greenery with date palm trees that are compatible with the region’s climate and require more moderate irrigation. The availability and value of reclaimed irrigation water, the local soil quality, the cost analysis of date palm tree plantation, the productivity of palm trees, the appropriateness of types of palm trees, the nutritional value of dates, the required gardening workforce, maintenance schedule, and its positioning in relation to seasonal business activities are also explored. Dubai has the capacity to accommodate sixteen times the number palm trees it currently has.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.