High Poverty Rate Amidst Empowerment Programmes: The Impact of Skills Acquisition on Poverty Reduction in Rural Cross River State, Nigeria

  •  F. O. Eteng    
  •  I. J. Opara    
  •  C. C. Ezikeudu    
  •  H. Adie    
  •  J. I. Ogar    
  •  L. Ozumba    
  •  S. Bassey Ugo    


This study sought to examine skills acquisition and its effect on poverty reduction in rural Cross River State, Nigeria. Thus, providing policy guide towards government effective implementation of skills acquisition programmes in the state in order to reduce poverty at the grassroots. Survey method of research was utilized to obtain information from households and communities. Five thousand and four (5004) respondents were selected using ballot method. Data were analysed using Pearson Product Moment Correlation (r x y). The findings of the study show that the skill acquisition programmes organized by Cross River State Government has not significantly reduced rural poverty in the state. The study concluded that despite government intention to provide skills to the rural people in order to be functionally relevant in their local environments, there were some obnoxious practices which served as obstacles to the successful implementation of these programmes in the rural areas of the state. Some of these include: the supply of obsolete equipment, dishonest attitude of the programme managers and prebendal selection of beneficiaries. Based on the findings, the study recommended that the government should increase the quantity of items and materials given to the trainees. One cannot acquire skills without equipment. It amounts to giving somebody training without creating job opportunities. It is as good as nothing. Therefore, if government is serious with poverty reduction programme, trainees should have their materials ready at the point of graduation or passing out. Capacity building demands that availability of materials as the basis for success on a given task should be given prompt attention.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.