Comparative Sustainability Assessment: Rome, Italy and São Paulo, Brazil

  •  Filipe Pohlmann Gonzaga    
  •  Gianluca Floris    


Rome and São Paulo share many cultural similarities, there are in São Paulo metropolitan area (M.A.) 6 million people from Italian descendancy, being the Italian population in São Paulo M.A. bigger than Rome’s. This study develops a sustainability assessment (S.A.) to obtain a comprehensive framework to assess the sustainability performance of both cities, compare them and propose a solution. Five metrics on which based the S.A. were chosen according to the results of a survey with São Paulo and Rome residents.

To validate the effectiveness of these indicators two focus groups were conducted, then the indicators were valued, and a Sustainability Solution Space was applied to identify their interactions. A Multi-Criteria Analysis was carried out to assess which of the cities has currently the highest performance in terms of sustainability. Rome had a higher sustainability ranking than Sao Paulo, nevertheless both cities should improve corruption scores to improve their ranking.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.