The Influencing Factors of Consumers’ Purchase Intention toward Green Products: A Case of Consumers in Saudi Arabia

  •  Hiam G. Almohammadi    
  •  Nadia A. Abdulghaffar    


Traditional consumption patterns are considered to be among the leading causes of global environmental degradation. Green marketing has emerged as a possible solution to these harmful effects on the environment; it aims to provide services and products that have a positive impact on the ecosystem and that satisfy consumers’ needs. This study investigates the factors that have an influence on consumers’ intentions to purchase green products in Saudi Arabia. Attitudes toward green products (AGP), perceived behavioral control (PBC), subjective norms (SN), environmental concern (EC), environmental knowledge (EK), and green purchase intention (GPI) are examined. A questionnaire is used as a method of data collection to gain information from 251 consumers in Saudi Arabia. The conceptual model is constructed based on planned behavior theory (TPB) to support the framework of the current study. SPSS version 22.0 software was used to investigate the collected data. The study reveals that a consumer’s attitude, environmental concern, and environmental knowledge are the main factors that influence the intention to buy green products in Saudi Arabia. Perceived behavioral control and subjective norms do not significantly support this purchase intention.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.