Methodology for Understanding Soil Erosion

  •  Andreia Cardoso de Souza    
  •  Francisca E. L. Barbosa    
  •  Simone F. Diniz    
  •  Jose F. Sobrinho    
  •  Cleire L. da C. Falcao    


This article aims to propose teaching educational techniques that support the understanding of soil erosion and the importance of soil conservation. This port, soil as it is an important natural element that permeates our daily lives, whether through the supply of food, as in the purity of surface and underground waters. In this way, providing educational techniques associated with Soil Education becomes relevant. With this, we provide, through didactic illustrations, to provide this understanding so that it can be improved and disseminated to the academic and school community.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.