Characterization of the Landscape Units of the Residual Massif of the Pacoti River Watershed, Ceará, Brazil

  •  Alvaro Andrade Dourado    
  •  Jose Falcao Sobrinho    
  •  Francisca Edineide Lima Barbosa    


Digital technology helps to visualize the natural potentiality of the landscapes that exist on the earthly surface. Indeed, information is more significant with fieldwork. The interpretation of the images through the application of the image segmentation function, available in the SPRING 5.5.5 software, granted the understanding of natural landscapes in the Pacoti River Watershed, precisely in the Baturité Residual Massif. Thus, geoprocessing may act as a mitigating tool in nature conservation since this tool reveals the diversity in nature and its uses.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.