Sustaining Local Communities through Cultural Industries Based on Local Wisdom in Tigawasa Village

  •  Agung Parameswara    
  •  Athina Wulandari    


Globalization with the presence of information technology and development is a challenge for the sustainability of local communities that identic with tradition and culture. The value of local wisdom is an identity that is a strength because there is no in other places. This study wants to prove that local wisdom can provide added value and could even be used as a fundamental factor for sustainable development. The subject of study is the cultural industries. It is said, cultural industries that have cultural values are an important component and it contains the strength of narration of the output. The investigation is carried out by exploring local wisdom-based economic activities, access to labor, and social sustainability to show that the value of local wisdom as an identity can realize a sustainable economy in a rural area. In-depth interviews and observations with an ethnography approach to the case study method conducted in Tigawasa Village, Buleleng. This village is Bali Aga Village, home of Bali Mula or Bali’s original people, the earliest inhabitants of the island, which have local wisdom of bamboo.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.