The Prediction of Stakeholder participation in Project Execution on Completion of Urban Roads Transport Infrastructure Projects in Kenya

  •  Johnson Matu    
  •  Dorothy Ndunge Kyalo    
  •  John Mbugua    
  •  Angeline Sabina Mulwa    


This paper examines the influence of stakeholder participation in project execution on completion of road projects implemented by Kenya Urban Roads Authority. Descriptive research survey design was used for collection of both quantitative and qualitative data. Analysis was performed using correlation and regression analysis. The results were r = 0.796, R2 = 0.634, F (4, 209) = 90.503 and p<0.000<0.05. The findings revealed that stakeholder participation in project execution showed a strong, positive and statistically significant relationship with completion of urban road transport infrastructure projects and accounted for 63.4% of total variation in such projects. The study recommends government agencies should endeavour should work together during project implementation to ensure that service lines and acquisition of land is done ahead of time to avoid delay in completion. This will aim at ensuring quality work is achieved by both the client and the consultant through a collaborative stakeholder engagement. In conclusion, the findings of this study will shape the future of road construction and stakeholder engagement in road construction projects.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.