Isoproturon: A Controversial Herbicide Hard to Confine in a Global Market

  •  Raffaella Leoci    
  •  Marcello Ruberti    


Until the first decade of 2000, isoproturon (IPU), a controversial and potentially hazardous chemical substance for animals, was one of the herbicides most commonly used in agriculture around the world. The current scarcity of scientific studies about its toxicity is evident, especially as regards the possible dangerous consequences on higher mammals and humans and the long-term effects on environment, other animals and plant organisms. Contrary to what happened for other categories of herbicides (in particular, clomazone and glyphosate), in some States the precautionary principle prevailed, prohibiting its use. However, this prohibition does not seem sufficient because IPU is still used in many countries and it also reaches other nations where it is banned in the form of contaminated agro-food products. This is one of the lesser-known consequences of the global markets.

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