Measuring the Thermal Comfort and the Sound Level in Design Studio Classes in Architecture Engineering Colleges

  •  Hind Abdelmoneim Khogali    
  •  Mohammad Altuwijr    
  •  Wadhah Alshaikh    
  •  Ibrahim Ibrahim    
  •  Almohaimeed-saleha Alrasheed    
  •  Meznah Aloyuni    
  •  Alhanouf Almutiri    


Thermal comfort is one of the most important topics in the course Environmental Control, ARC404 assign to Architecture program in the college of architecture Engineering and Digital Design, 6 students in this course will share in the research, will distribute in three groups. This research is aiming to let the students learn and practice how to measure the thermal comfort in-studio classes focusing on the temperature, the humidity, and the noise, analysing and find solutions. The methodology of the research is based on using monitor devices; noise level smart meter, smart temperature and humidity measurement meter with data analysis by using Excel computer program as well as, distrusting a survey to know the user’s opinion. The college has three types of a studio class, one facing the courtyard, with large glass window, the second at the middle of the corridor with high-level window, the third one is far away from the courtyard without any window. The results compared by The United Nation Environut Protection Agency (EPA) noise levels. The results show that the studio class CBC09 level of sound exceed 60 dB which consider as noise. Also, the class CBC01 is the most comfortable class because of 25 C° temperature, 40% humidity and 55 DB the sound level is also exceed the limit by EPA. The conclusion of the research paper will highlight some scientific solutions in walls, ceiling and floors for the studio classes to be applied in the future.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.