Game Changing New Regulatory Changes for China's Non-Hydro Renewable Energy Sector

  •  Tommi Yu    


The beginning of 2020 has brought a long-awaited blessing to non-hydro renewable energy sector given by China’s policy makers. New regulatory developments represent a real game changer, carrying potential to propel latent sub-sectors toward becoming powerful engines for China’s sustainable energy future. Implications will be economically and socially significant for grid companies, for businesses, and for end users. This paper analyses the characteristics of newly minted rules by China’s policy makers and top regulator. It further outlines the most important aspects of what grid operators, their customers, and businesses shall anticipate in actual terms. It often has turned out that new regulatory developments end as nothing more than a footnote to the general narrative on China’s energy future, yet this paper demonstrates how consequential current regulatory undertakings are for the non-hydro renewable energy sector and all the stakeholders involved.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.