Indian Government’s Sustainable Initiatives and the Millennials Behavior

  •  Saba Jafri    


This conceptual article examines how Sustainable Initiatives of government and corporates can help shape behaviours of Millenials that can address the different needs and expectations of potential and existing employees. This can result in a sustained competitive advantage for the firms and enhanced self-esteem for the existing and prospective employees. Sustainability efforts should encourage youngsters to imbibe behaviours that are in line with governments and corporates' efforts to create a better planet to live in. These behaviours should help firms attract and retain a high-quality workforce because by integrating Sustainable HRM practices into the employee value proposition, they can establish a unique, employer brand. The paper also highlights the challenges faced by the government and corporates together to achieve these sustainable objectives.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.