Vernomimicry: Bridging the Gap between Nature and Sustainable Architecture

  •  Ahmed Khoja    
  •  Sahl Waheeb    


Biomimicry or learning from nature in architecture is a method that aims to develop a sustainable design solution for modern world challenges by mimicking models, systems, and elements of nature. However, developing biomimetic solutions is not a problem-free approach due to the fact that both, biology and architecture are different. Therefore, the vernacular architecture being the human form of natural construction can be used to help bridge the gap between nature and architecture. There are certain potentials and limitations of using both, biomimicry and vernacular architecture in modern day architecture. However, several methods and the process can be used to develop solutions for these issues. A fusion between both approaches in the form of “Vernomimicry” be used to apply nature based and nature like solutions in architecture successfully.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.