Green Worship House Competition as an Effective Tool to Evaluate Green Pyramid Rating System (GPRS)

  •  Nancy M. Badawy    
  •  Merhan M. Shahda    


Egypt is divided into seven regional units; each region includes a number of governorates that are connected geographically and economically. When the Green Pyramid Rating System (GPRS) was proposed, and the weightings of its categories were set, the wide variation of the potential and the challenges of each region were not taken into account. Therefore, the study focused on highlighting these differences, and the main focus on Sinai region by analyzing the experience of activating The Green Pyramid Rating System (GPRS) during a competition held for this purpose. Accordingly, this paper presents an investigation into the international GBRSs to extract the specifications of a framework to improve GPRS classification, based on the experience of activating GPRS principles in Green Worship House Competition (GWHC) and the observations of participants of the competition. The study included a summary of what was suggested during participation in the competition to activate each category of Green Pyramid Rating System (GPRS), in addition to observations and problems encountered in the design of the project and activation of (GPRS) categories, then suggestions for developing the categories and weights of each category based on active participation in the Green Worship House Competition.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.