Capacity Building for Sustainable Development: The Experience of Developing a Professional Diploma in Energy-Efficient Buildings

  •  Ahmed S. Muhaisen    
  •  Omar S. Asfour    
  •  Matthias Schuss    


The implementation of energy-efficiency measures in building design is an essential strategy in the context of sustainable development; however, this requires plans for capacity building to improve the capabilities of engineers working in the construction sector. The role of higher education institutions in this context is essential. In the Gaza Strip, the issue of energy efficiency in buildings has gained increased attention on undergraduate and graduate education levels; however, there is a lack of specialised programs to address this issue based on a holistic design approach. Thus, a survey was carried out with local specialists and engineers using a workshop and questionnaire to investigate the potential of a proposed professional diploma in energy-efficient buildings. The study used a mixed qualitative and quantitative approach to examine the importance, topics and potential impact of this program in the Gaza Strip. The study concluded that such a program is essential for Gaza considering the ongoing electricity shortage and the future need for sustainable development plans. The study recommends implementation, evaluation and development of such a program in the rest of Palestinian governorates as a response to the current and future energy challenges.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.