Current Carbon Emission Reduction Trends for Sustainability - A Review

  •  Tracey Tshivhase    
  •  Yasatuka Kainuma    


Carbon emissions in the supply chain have been known to contribute significantly to environmental decay. These emissions are a result of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released during the burning of fossil fuels. The industry is a well-known emitter of these gases to the atmosphere. These gases end up trapping energy from the sun in the atmosphere. This has led to the governments of the world putting measures in place to minimize carbon emissions. In supply chain, during the manufacture, transportation and storage of a product a significant amount of these greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere. Research about supply chain with respect to carbon emissions has been going on for decades. This is the perfect time to review the literature of what has been studied up to so far and also identify the gaps in the literature. A systematic literature review approach is employed, initially. Content analysis was used to categorize existing literature on the various topics and methods over time in the area of carbon emissions in the supply chain. Triangulation research technique is also used to analyze the current literature on carbon emissions research study in the supply chain. Thereafter, a quantitative bibliometric analysis is conducted. Based on a rigorous screening process, 138 papers were selected for analysis. This review will lead to significant opportunities for future research in related areas.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.