Agricultural Land Use Change under Migration Context: An Evidence from a Vietnamese Village

  •  Thi Minh Khue Nguyen    
  •  Thi Dien Nguyen    
  •  Philippe Lebailly    


Migration has no doubt been a crucial factor in contribution to national economic growth and development in rural areas. However, it impacts on agriculture and agricultural land keeps debate. Unlike the prediction of land abandon and de-agrarianization, evidence from a Vietnamese village shows that majority of rural households keep their paddy field and continue their agricultural production rather than converted it into other purposes. While none households in the village absolutely leave their farming land fallowed, there were some households partially abandon their land.  Possessing to land is more for investment than agricultural production. Agricultural land and farm work are always a stable resource, a guarantee of subsistence or a safety net for rural people which would boosting their own autonomy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.