The Study of Dynamic of Coastal Resource Community-Based Management in Wabula Village of Buton Regency

  •  La Nalefo    
  •  Bahtiar Bahtiar    
  •  Salahuddin Salahuddin    


Lesson learned on some of traditionally marine resource management had proven that full involvement and authority of traditional institutions are the key to optimum management and sustainability of the agreeable resources, despite the fact that the marine resources is an open access. On the other hand, national government initiative of more centralistic management regime and omitting the role of long existing traditional institutions had not been successful in sustaining the resources. Therefore, this research aims at finding a more adaptive and accommodative community-based maritime resource management, through qualitative approach by description 1) the dynamic of coastal management’s implementation on coastal community, 2) the execution of basic principal of coastal management-based on community, on program, and on combinations of community-based and program-based; and 3) key factors in contributing the existence of community-based and program-based coastal management.

Result show that coastal community-based management is constructed and development through continuing socio-cultural changes over time. On the other hand, the dynamic of coastal program-based management is more on the level of community’s need and sustainability of the ecosystem. Result also show that the execution of basic principal on coastal management by community is more dynamic and set up locality. The key factors influencing the existence of coastal management are based on the level of community’s authority, as well as level of community’s participation in management process. Based on the finding, this research recommended an adaptive and accommodative coastal resource management by acknowledging the coastal community capacity supported by the access and control of the government.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.