Ideological Relationship between Neo-Conservative Government of George W. Bush and Israeli Government

  •  Rouhollah Shahabi    
  •  Alireza Mashoori    


United States and Israel despite all the alliances and relationships among governments, has a special relationship. Various factors are United States of America support and help Israel and its special status of the country for America in particular was in Bush period. Political, economic and geographical factors..., which resulted Israel had special and unique place in the foreign policy of the United States. However, the role of religion and ideology in this relationship and its impact on support for Israel not ignored. George Bush is a Christian believes in his speeches frequently uses religious concepts. He argues that had a regular communication with God and takes over on a divine mission. This Bush’s religious beliefs is where express the support for Israel in the form of religious Evangelical and word concepts. Bush knows support for Israel as God intention and had a religious and apocalyptic view to Israel. The Bush administration formed the neoconservatives who tend much more support Israel. Ideological affinity George W. The Bush government with Israel is the factor that America political security supports from Israel increased.

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