The Defects of Anti-corruption Literature since 1990 and Revelation of the Legal Awareness in China

  •  Ruihui Han    


Anti-corruption literature sprouted up and prospered in China ever since 1990s, and such literature has significant meaning for the governmental fight against corruption. Anti-corruption literature is very popular and has great influence in Chinese readers. However, the analysis of such kind of literature reveals the defects in artistic form and subject content despite the superficial stories of it cater the taste of the readers. The defects are caused by the traditional thought mode and habit, especially the consciousness of ruling by the upright officers and the officialdom thought. The cultural background of China facilitates the birth and prosperity of anti-corruption literature, but at the same time it results in the defects of anti-corruption literature. For almost both the readers and writers, the legal awareness is lacked of, and the lack of it is not only one factor of corruption in reality, but also one cause of the defects of the Chinese anti-corruption literature since 1990. From the defects one can get the revelation of the legal awareness in China.

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