E-Purchasing & the Legislations That Must Be Performed

  •  Mohammed Matalka    


Our research addressed in (e-purchasing and the legislations that must be implemented) to receive to solutions and recommendations about making e- purchasing less available, it means, that legislation must be frame accepted by these behaviors. To enhance into develop and make abundant, and prevent it from making them inhibitor in the face of its development and introducing. The importance of the study appeared in these contracts. Appear in international description in most acts upon the differences, between the ways, of concluding these e- purchasing contracts. That is, e-purchasing signed upon international web not belonged to any country, adding this web taking upon all around the world without any exclusion.

What are the ways that make us receive to these aims? That we will study upon depending on the methodology of the research related to comparative analytical study between Jordanian Legislations. Make us far away from details of public descriptions, besides, legislated and theoretical discussing for most of laws and operational basis.

We will manipulate in this study two chapters: the first is: objective problems and the second chapter: available data bases on the web and finally we put recommendations and results specialized in this subject.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.