The Research Overview of Western Political Circles on China’s Political Ecology

  •  Yunzhe Chen    


Due to the difference of political system and great achievements of the reform and opening up, China’s political ecology has attracted more and more attention from scholars at home and abroad. In China, political theory researchers are keen on explaining problems of China through western political theory, while western political academic circles cannot develop a macroscopic theory explaining political ecology with Chinese characteristics because of the inherent mind-set. Therefore, this thesis teases out China’s political literature research by the west since the founding of PRC, attributes the uniqueness of China’s political ecology to four aspects which are “Authoritarian Resilience” and “Party Adaptation”, a civilization of long standing and a sense of national identity, Confucian culture and the traditional centralized management as well as the response of type conversion of leader cadres to social needs. This thesis puts up some proposals on politics study of China in the future, and explains macroscopic theory of China phenomenon with Chinese discourse.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.