China as a Global Destination for International Students

  •  Gao Wei    
  •  Wang Lin    
  •  Yan Jingdong    
  •  Wu Yanxiong    


This qualitative study aimed to explore the reasons why China has become a global destination for international students. Recently, the enrollment of International Students has increased at Chinese Universities. The study aims to understand why such International Students from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan choose to study in China for tertiary education rather than studying in any US or European Universities. To conclude the study, a mixed-method research methodology was used by using focus group discussions and descriptive statistics from two different surveys. The research establishes that the maximum of the international students have chosen China as their study destination is because of safety and security at the campus, proximity with their homeland, low cost of education and accommodation, and a strong perception of prospective job opportunities upon completion of their degrees. The study suggested that Chinese Universities can initiate different plans/ schemes in attracting international students from different countries of the world.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.