Addressing the Need for a Proper Legal Environment to Support Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia

  •  Hussam I. Fallatah    


Many studies have discussed the impact of entrepreneurial environment on the economies of developed countries. In this context, the legal environment, has been given attention. However, in developing countries, research in this area is insufficient. Furthermore, the few researchers who have discussed the legal environment in the context of the entrepreneurial environment have focused on how the legal environment affects business in general, but not entrepreneurship (Bruyat & Julien, 2001).

This paper will explore the need for a proper legal environment to support entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia. It will examine the suitability of the current legal environment for developing entrepreneurship, and it will identify weaknesses and gaps. For this research, quantitative methods were used to collect the opinions of practitioners working in the field. Finally, based on the findings, a proposed suggestion that fits the requirements of a proper legal environment for entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia will be suggested.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.