Bull Semen Collection and Analysis for Artificial Insemination

  •  Karolina Barszcz    
  •  Dariusz Wiesetek    
  •  Michal Wasowicz    
  •  Marta Kupczynska    


Insemination is acknowledged as a breeding method that contributes to improvement of farm animal populations, particularly of cattle. Artificial insemination allows for maximum use of the most valuable breeders and, at the same time, for significant increase of breeding advance. Moreover, using semen of proved quality reduces the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The purpose of this study was to present the process of collection and analysis of bulls’ semen in the Mazovian Centre of Animal Breeding and Reproduction in ?owicz, Poland.

Keywords: semen collection, semen analysis, bull semen

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.